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The Team

Here's the team behind the site, their roles and a little bit about themselves...

If you got a (serious) MX-related issue, feel free to contact us.



United States 


(Site Leader)
 4443 |  154 |  707 |  44 |  3108
Former QC Manager @ Ubisoft Nadeo. Editor of TM Discords Spreadsheet





 182 |  25 |  50 |  7 |  230 |  site development, media
Lead Developer of ManiaExchange. Creator of TrackmaniaExchange, ItemExchange and Trackmania News, former media creator. In real life: B.Eng. Astronautical Engineer and more.





 229 |  7 |  208 |  3 |  9 |  Free Wheeler
StarTrack² project host, casual map builder and Translator in the newest Trackmania game.


United States 


 556 |  23 |  186 |  10 |  0
TM Enthusiast and mapper for over 15 years. Helping out the MX community with my tiny dinosaur arms!


United States 


(MTC Host)
 157 |  8 |  105 |  15 |  345 |  MTC Host
I mainly handle hosting the TM2 MTC. I may also answer forum questions or address moderator messages.




 1179 |  49 |  473 |  9 |  88 |  yes
Managing the Backgrounds Contest, creating various logos, banners and graphics that might be needed and occasionally helping out with design elements of future site updates.




 222 |  12 |  102 |  4 |  7 |  localhost:80
MX Lagoon Cup Host, Screenshot fanatic, Emotional support for the MX Crew. Learning movie making in Trackmania and computer networking IRL.
Remember - it's always the DNS.


United States 


 283 |  7 |  217 |  8 |  8
I like mapping and helping people out!




 782 |  31 |  458 |  5 |  193 |  Trying Unique Idea
I'm here to help the MX crew with the MX KO's.
If anything else need assistance, i'll be happy to help !
Friends of ManiaExchange
The following people used to be part of our team, thanks for your stay!
Username Roles
    _firestorrm KO Host
    -32- Moderator
    adsun Project GPU Development Support
    Akiliyh CCP Host | 90MC Host
    Alcator MTC Host
    AR »rexine MTC Host
    basbaas»LT Moderator
    BigBang1112 Developer
    BLiNNeMaNS Moderator
    bueddl Moderator | Project GPU Map Upgrader
    Chris92 Project GPU Participant
    chuckie Moderator | Project GPU Map Upgrader
    Cxom Moderator
    DdariQ KO Support
    DMW»UD Official Skin Creator
    doben Moderator
    Dommy Developer
    Elvestad Graphics Support
    eXtracT Moderator
    Fiah StarTrack² Host
    fiendy Project GPU Map Upgrader
    florenzius KO Support
    Forzyy Co-Founder of ManiaExchange
    FT»Osaka MTC Host | Project GPU Map Upgrader
    gado KO Support
    HaagseSmurf Project GPU Map Upgrader
    haenry Host of KOs, MTC, & advent calendar
    HardDance Moderator
    Harest Developer
    iHq/fredair.... 90MC Host
    Januy Moderator
    Jess Developer
    JR1988 KO Support
    KekX MTC Host | BASCO Host
    Kousseau 90MC Host
    Lars MTC Host
    Linkin|Alex MTC Host | Project GPU Organizer & Map Upgrader
    Marius 89 KO Host
    Mikey KO Founder / Admin / Host
    MrA Co-Founder of ManiaExchange
    nervousWillo... Moderator
    N-Jin Developer
    ohei2 Moderator
    Optimusje Moderator
    PangoLynne KO Admin / Host
    pascow.esu Moderator
    peteypablo7 Moderator
    Phil Moderator
    Podel Moderator
    Racho Moderator
    Rasque Project GPU Map Upgrader
    Rax Moderator
    Realspace KO Host
    SapphiroN Moderator
    Schpaik Project GPU Map Upgrader
    SkunkY Moderator
    Sky.wp Moderator
    smorgasgurka Project GPU TitlePack Support
    The Killer Undercover Agent
    TheM Developer | Backup KO Host
    toffe Developer
    Tuta Moderator
    vdgzr CCP Host
    Ville Moderator
    Vulnerra Project GPU Map Upgrader
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