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Sunday, August 21, 2011 (3588 days ago)
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Hi! I'm Max and in the ManiaPlanet world also known as TheM. I live in the Netherlands and am a C# developer working in the industrial automation branch.

My TrackMania/ManiaPlanet history
TrackMania Nations ESWC, since October 2006
TrackMania United, since March 2007
TrackMania United Forever, since Beta 4, March 2008
TrackMania 2:Canyon, since Beta 1, July 2011
ShootMania:Storm, since Alpha 1, May 2012
TrackMania 2:Stadium, since February 2013
TrackMania 2:Valley, since July 2013

Currently active as
Smurfen.net, Community Manager since January 2011 (responsible for Server Management)
ManiaPlanet Forum, Global moderator since April 2013
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