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Saturday, August 20, 2011 (4720 days ago)
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(y) Visit us! (y)
:) Bag Racing :) -- Sadly fading away as the guys are becoming more mature now. :| :$

Check out some of my maps (or maybe not, as most are in TMPLUS under Tm3 and too hard to update): You would need the original 'TMPLUS' Title Pack for this (159Mb - April '17 final version).

(WTC) [RPG] Cube-X - Canyon

Half-Baked - Canyon

"(WTC) [RPG] The Rockery 2019 by   Nighthawk - Canyon

(WTC) [RPG] Get A Grip 2 (Day) *TM4 Canyon

* I have been playing Trackmania since October 2003 (after business hours of course* when I was running a school in a bush community - Northern Territory) and still happy as an average player. I didn't register on TMX until 07-Jun-2008 and waited until June 2009 before making my first tracks (3 in total).

* I founded one of Australia's early clans, ZEDEX° or ZX°, a cool band of young, competitive mates. We ran up to eight servers and hosted a number of inter-clan 'Scrims'. When ZX° imploded after six years, I joined Bag Racing - a slightly older and funnier Clan :d which still exists and comes out to play once in a blue moon.

I've made quite a few maps, mostly in TM2/ TM4 Canyon. I've recorded some very satisfying replays, mostly in Canyon RPG and Stadium RPG. People often ask me: "How's it feel to be one of the greatest Trackmania players of all time?" .... What?! Well, they have ... in my dreams lol (: .

* I've also made some great friends in so many parts of the world: Some have grown up/ moved on; others (like   NightOwl and   Typhoon) keep coming back; some (like good ol'   oscarian *RIP) have headed for Elysium and others (like   Alinoa) have fallen in love with younger, prettier partners :'( . Yet the fun of TM has never stopped! (y)

Now retired in the real world, I turned 71 in April '23 after surviving a week with Covid :s , so hoping to grow up a bit now ..... soon .... maybe* ... :$

I own all Trackmania Titles since TM Original, except Turbo.

* The first software I installed on a new Mac in 1986 was Zork .... BRILLIANT! I hope the last program I install before being dragged away to the geriatric nut-house will also be a game. 8-|
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