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Ruv FNF | TM2 Project 

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Saturday, May 14, 2016 (1862 days ago)
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Age: 17
From: Bangkok, Thailand
IGN: tipgamer

Former member of
  • Smurfs (aka Smurfen.net) since October 2020

    Current member of
  • Lagoon Guys since April 2021
  • Wolves Street since May 2021

    My dream prefers
  • Stadium Family
  • Marceline Saint Season 1
  • KO maps
  • StarTrack 2
  • Tech
  • Custom items and blocks
  • Good stuff

    Past usernames
    tipmaddevilRBLX, TipUnitedCreator, Marceline, TipGamer, Mekh, ItzMarceline, PistachioxAzura, Moonlight Cookie, Pink Jacksniper, Scarecrow X Farmer, Aethergirl_Abadeer, Tipsoline, Scarecrow Arsenal, Entertainer Arsenal

    If you're looking for track recommendations, I have a look through the many tracks I've awarded...

    Ruv Friday Night Funkin on 2020 Project
    Ruv Friday Night Funkin on TM2 Project (You're here)
    Ruv Friday Night Funkin on United Project
    Ruv Friday Night Funkin on Shootmania Project
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