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You are listening to Professor Kliq!11 Jul, 2017
   eyebo.wp (11 comments, 2574 views) 
We sometimes play games without thinking much about who made the music that sets the stage for it. But music is such an integral part of the experience.

Are you enjoying the TrackMania 2 Lagoon soundtrack? Be sure to give the guy who composed and produced it some love over on his Soundcloud. It was made by none other than Professor Kliq!

Click the album art below to listen. Be sure to like and repost the set...

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The Importance of Tracking Teams02 Nov, 2013
   eyebo.wp (17 comments, 5740 views) 
I've been thinking of track building teams lately. Tracking teams have been a major part of the culture on TMX.

In the past (2007-2011) most people wanted to be in a good team. It was, on some level, a matter of prestige. Most teams wouldn't let you in unless you were good enough. Some were even by invitation only. You felt quite special if you had been accepted by one of these elite communities within TM.

New teams also popped up occasionally, sometimes comprised o...

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Fun07 Sep, 2013
   eyebo.wp (18 comments, 5319 views) 
Such a short word, isn't it?

Doesn't it immediately make you happy though? It has such promise!

"Let's have some fun!"

"Oh, what fun there is to be had!"

"We're here to have fun!"

What is fun?

It's enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure.

I can't speak for eve...

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DBS Contest Tracks21 Jul, 2013
   eyebo.wp (3 comments, 2163 views) 
Some of you might know that I recently organized three contests in the forums and gave away 18 TM²Valley keys. There was a screenshot making contest, an offline driving contest, and a track building contest. Together they were known as the "DBS Contest".

Well, the full results are in! You can check this post if you want to see the full results for all three contests.


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Author Showcase: nickrev24 May, 2013
   eyebo.wp (4 comments, 1905 views) 

Those of you who played TMUF back in 2009/2010 will probably remember nickrev. He made some really tough, but creative, transitional tracks back then.

His creativity hasn't waned at all, and yet he's quite underrated/unknown here on MX. I believe it's time for that to change!

Back in the Canyon beta he built three tracks, Read More
Why is MX important?27 Oct, 2012
   eyebo.wp (8 comments, 2492 views) 
This topic is probably like preaching to the choir. But nevertheless, I think it's an important topic.

In the comments, I'd like to hear from you. Why is MX important to you?

Below is a dialogue between myself and dejamo on ManiaPlanet forums all the way back in January 2012. Rereading it was quite interesting to me. And I think it's just as relevant now as it was back then. I decided to put it into a blog post here.


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Remixing23 Apr, 2012
   eyebo.wp (8 comments, 2509 views) 
If you haven't already, please watch the fantastic web series "Everything Is A Remix". I've known about it for a while now, but it's still very much in my thoughts whenever this subject comes up. Remixing is far more a part of our culture than many realize.

I'd like to write a little today about how I think remixing relates to TrackMania.


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Canyon: An Acquired Taste?06 Apr, 2012
   eyebo.wp (8 comments, 2339 views) 
I originally wrote this on the ManiaPlanet forums, but I think it turned out pretty well, so I decided to put it over here as a blog entry as well. Please leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with it. I'm interested to know what you all think.

I think it's true of many things in life that they are an acquired taste.

In other words, you may not like it at first, but with increased exposure to it, you may begin to appreciate and enjoy it. For myself, ...

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Kamakaze's "Pulse" (Track Review)24 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (1 comments, 1854 views) 
Sadly, after having played thousands of tracks... I don't get as excited about maps as I used to. It really takes something special to get me going. Don't get me wrong, I find a little fun and challenge in nearly every map I play.

But there are maps that really get the blood pumping. They're like, perfect in every way. It feels like the map is grabbing onto you and demanding your complet...

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Styles and Modes of TrackMania22 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (5 comments, 10050 views) 
Time Attack is all about setting the best time possible. You have a set amount of time on the server in which you can do as many runs as you want. When the timer hits 0:00, the person with the best time wins.

In Rounds everyone starts at the same time. It's all about placing as highly as you can to maximize your points for the round. Rounds mode has a point limit, for instance 125 points. Multiple runs are played by everyone on the server until someone goes over 125 points. When t...

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