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 KEKL - On The Roof

by  aijena  |  10
AT   00:11.529 |  Valley / CanyonCar   |   Beginner 
ID  237595 
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 Offline records Vehicle: CanyonCar
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1st   00:12.398   eyebo 10 (100%)
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 Embedded objects24 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Grass16x16.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Floor_Double.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Floor_Left.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Floor_Right.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Floor_Straight.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Roof.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Roof_16x16.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Roof_Double.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Roof_Left.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Roof_Right.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_RoofDecor_Bench.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_RoofDecor_Door_Mirror.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_RoofDecor_House.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_RoofDecor_Solar_8x5x3.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_RoofDecor_Trees.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Side_Left.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Side_Right.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_Side_Straight.Item.Gbx aijena
SquareOffice_SideDecor_Rail.Item.Gbx aijena
2Wroad Checkpoint_tmp.Item.Gbx aijena
2Wroad Start_tmp.Item.Gbx aijena
4Wroad Checkpoint.Item.Gbx aijena
4Wroad Finish.Item.Gbx aijena
RoadEmpty.Block.Gbx aijena
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KEKL TM2  plantathon 1190
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