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 MXLC - North Hollow

by  Quasar_TM  |  0
It's a start
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AT   01:03.697 |  Lagoon / LagoonCar   |   Advanced 
ID  230655 
  Scenery Competitive    
 2022-12-15 21:32:12
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Author Comments
Nice winter-themed map for MXLC :)
 Embedded objects30 Objects
Object IX? Object author
ArenaLoopSupport2NoCross.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
FlatRoadCP.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
DecoCityGardenTrStraight.Block.Gbx eyebo.wp
WoodSlopeCorner2.Item.Gbx eyebo
WoodSlopeCornerMirror.Item.Gbx eyebo
L_B1.Item.gbx xrayjay
RoadMagnetTwistDownLeft.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
BeachRallyGTCurve4Inverted.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
DecoCityArenaBase.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
DecoCityArenaLoopEndBase.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
DecoCityArenaLoopHalfEnd.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
antiflicker2.Block.Gbx xmattthegamerx
Block24.Block.Gbx xmattthegamerx
Block27.Block.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBase2x2Deco.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBase3x3Wood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBaseNoTop.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeTwist2UpRightWood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
groundroadendsmooth.Block.Gbx xmattthegamerx
NoPoleGround.Block.Gbx xmattthegamerx
ClearIce.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
HalfSideMagneto.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBaseS1.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityWoodThing1.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeBaseWood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeGTCurve3Wood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeStraightWood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeTwist2DownRightWood.Item.Gbx xmattthegamerx
3x3+1 flat-tilt mirror.Item.Gbx mimekk
3x3+2 flat-bank right.Item.Gbx mimekk
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Name Creator Tracks Etc
MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup  MX Moderator... 113
 Track Feature

Try this fun Lagoon map from the most recent edition of the MX Lagoon Cup!

Feature time: 2022-12-18 02:00:00-  eyebo.wp
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