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AT   00:58.471 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Intermediate 
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 14 November 2021 14:20:32
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TERRA FIRME by Triple.shoot & threading Julio Silva  threading
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1st   00:58.471  threading 10 (100%) 14-11-21
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TERRA FIRME by Triple.shoot & threading

The Story

Hello :MX:, this track was made by two Portuguese mappers, after so many years they still and enjoy building things. It's not the first time Triple.shoot & threading have made a track together and they've worked on a track for the Portuguese community in the past (2009). I (threading) asked Triple if he wanted to make a track with me so you have built this on yours free time in last 2 weeks, here is the result. Triple chose the style, the route is separated by 4 parts each with 15 seconds made by both of us, the beautiful scenery was made entirely by Triple you can see there great and awesome style the MT work was made by me and the screenshot by Triple, i know SpeedTech and Tech have had their glory days here at tmx, all the great tech players are gone or have dropped out of the game, very few good tech players remain so every feedback, comment, replay or award is much appreciated, hope you guys like our's humble work, have fun and good luck :)

About the Track

The track is relatively accessible to everyone but has two great jumps that can be dangerous and tricky, the first one is the great transition made by Triple about 30 seconds, the second one is the jump to a plataform in the end made by threading you had to have the right amount of speed to pass apart from these two details the track is relatively easy, one of the conditions of Triple to make the track has that the track cannot have any type of blockmix so Triple erase my usual ugly blockmix :d that i made on the route :), the name of the track means in portuguese "Strong Land" and is dedicated to all the remain players here on TMX by uploading your times and yours creations keeping this site alive after almost 15 years! Hope you can enjoy the tech turns, the speed and the flow.

Coppers - 3629 :build:
Author time: 00:57.85 ~
Gold :gold: - 01:02.00 ~
Silver :silver: - 01:10.00 ~
Bronze :bronze: - 01:27.00 ~
GPS - 00:58.18 ~ (Just go Back)
Intro :done:
Scenery: Medium
Style: SpeedTech/Scenery/Tech
Mood: Sunset
Video: :done:

Hope you like it!

That's all!

Triple.shoot & threading they are onfire! :@
 Track Feature

This brand new SpeedTech was Best of the Week in TMNF. Give the TM2 version a try! Very fun!

Feature time: 15 November 2021 21:32:32-   eyebo.wp
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