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 Hunt the Odyssey

by   Yannex  |  29
AT   05:53.404 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  197827 
 21 June 2020 13:55:36
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THE FINISH LINE | Tourist TouristTM  TimBits
Trackmania² - Morhpeo on Hunt the Odyssey [RPG] [WR] Team Milkyway  Sheeps
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# Record User Score Date
1st   05:26.954  Morhpeo 29 (100%) 29-12-20
2nd   05:36.134  Tourist 23.2 (80%) 29-06-20
3rd   05:37.074   Yannex 18.85 (65%) 22-06-20
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 Author Comments

Hey MX,

This is a 8 months project, with 200+ hours of mapping. It's my 3rd RPG but it's the one I put all of my soul in it to make it cool to drive and hunt.
There is 2 versions of the map. "Hunt the Odyssey" and "Discover the Odyssey".

The map needs a bit of time to discover since it's a Pathfinding based map. It was built to be possible for beginners to finish it. It has some tricky parts but can be done without too much difficulty!

"Hunt the Odyssey" is a version with 11 CPs. The point was to make a map that could be drivable in competition and cool to discover.
"Discover the Odyssey" is the longer version. 50 CPs, we still have the 11 CPs from the Hunt version but this one has 39 golden jars that you have to collect all over the map!

The Hunt version will be the map for the RPG Nightcup #22 which is held the 28th of June 2020 at 8pm CEST.

For the style and the design of the map I got inspired by the game Assasin's Creed Odyssey, that's where the name come from! :d

You can find the longer version of this map here :

Hope you enjoy!


Ceci est un projet sur 8 mois, avec plus de 200 heures de mapping. C'est ma 3ème RPG mais c'est celle sur laquelle j'ai donné toute mon âme pour la rendre cool à rouler et à hunt.
Il y a 2 versions de la map. "Hunt the Odyssey" et "Discover the Odyssey".

La map demande un peu de temps pour la découvrir étant donné que c'est une map "Pathfinding". Elle a été mappée pour être possible par des débutants. Elle a quelques parties compliquées mais ils peuvent être fait sans trop de difficulté !

"Hunt the Odyssey" est une version avec 11 CPs. Le but était de faire une map qui serait jouable en compétition et cool à découvrir.
"Discover the Odyssey" est la version plus longue. 50 CPs, il y a toujours les 11 CPs de la version Hunt mais j'ai rajouté 39 vases dorés dissimulés dans la map !

La version Hunt sera la map jouée lors de la RPG Nightcup #22 qui se déroulera le 28 juin 2020 à 20h CEST !

Pour le style et le design je me suis inspiré du jeu "Assasin's Creed Odyssey", c'est donc de-là que vient le nom ! :d

Vous pouvez retrouver la version plus longue de cette map ici :

J'espère qu'elle vous plaira !
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arcruelle.Item.Gbx yannex
autorespawn.Item.Gbx yannex
boutdebois2.Item.Gbx yannex
dirtblock2.Item.Gbx yannex
escaliermilieutheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
escatheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
Hilldirt_wall.Item.Gbx yannex
Hill_dirt_corner_out.Item.Gbx yannex
Hill3_dirt_corner_out.Item.Gbx yannex
T4-g-border2.Item.Gbx yannex
trouaide1.Item.Gbx yannex
trouaide2.Item.Gbx yannex
turntemple.Item.Gbx yannex
custom023.Item.Gbx yannex
ropepourbateau.Item.Gbx yannex
ropepourbateau2.Item.Gbx yannex
entreetheatre2.Item.Gbx yannex
fix2-3x1.Item.Gbx yannex
jumpcentreebene.Item.Gbx yannex
jumpcentretheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
templeboooter.Item.Gbx yannex
templeboooter2.Item.Gbx yannex
barrière4.Item.Gbx yannex
barriere5.Item.Gbx yannex
bigland.Item.Gbx yannex
bigsablebas.Item.Gbx yannex
colonnetemple.Item.Gbx yannex
entreetheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
mat2.Item.Gbx yannex
mat3.Item.Gbx yannex
mat4.Item.Gbx yannex
onetimeuse.Item.Gbx yannex
barriere3.Item.Gbx yannex
barriere4.Item.Gbx yannex
tapis2.Item.Gbx yannex
tapispatate.Item.Gbx yannex
tapispatatecadre.Item.Gbx yannex
turbobw.Item.Gbx yannex
verre.Item.Gbx yannex
woodfixedbeforetemple.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave5.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave6.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave8.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave9.Item.Gbx yannex
tableaupingouin.Item.Gbx yannex
tapis.Item.Gbx yannex
ropepourponton2.Item.Gbx yannex
ropepourpuit.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave2.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepavé2.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave3.Item.Gbx yannex
ruellepave4.Item.Gbx yannex
plaque2.Item.Gbx yannex
portemachin1.Item.Gbx yannex
porteruelle.Item.Gbx yannex
puitrouentree.Item.Gbx yannex
puitrousortie.Item.Gbx yannex
ropepourponton.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple5.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple7.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple8.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple9.Item.Gbx yannex
parchemin.Item.Gbx yannex
plaque.Item.Gbx yannex
hauttemplebord.Item.Gbx yannex
hopswiss.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple1.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple2.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple3.Item.Gbx yannex
newfixdebutemple4.Item.Gbx yannex
fixwayavanttheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
freewheelbw.Item.Gbx yannex
gobeletgrand.Item.Gbx yannex
hauttemple.Item.Gbx yannex
hauttemple2.Item.Gbx yannex
hauttemple3.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdessusbalcon2.Item.Gbx yannex
fixfenetreavanttheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
fixinterieurtheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
fixmaisonPF.Item.Gbx yannex
fixponton.Item.Gbx yannex
fixruelleboutdepave.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdebutemple.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdebutemple2.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdebutemple3.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdebutemple4.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdebutemple5.Item.Gbx yannex
fixdessusbalcon.Item.Gbx yannex
colonnetemple3.Item.Gbx yannex
colonnetemple4.Item.Gbx yannex
colonnetemple5.Item.Gbx yannex
entree1.Item.Gbx yannex
fix-1x4.Item.Gbx yannex
fix-4x1.Item.Gbx yannex
toit6.Item.Gbx yannex
toit7.Item.Gbx yannex
bardestatuetemple.Item.Gbx yannex
bardestatuetemple2.Item.Gbx yannex
cadretableau.Item.Gbx yannex
colonnetemple2.Item.Gbx yannex
toileruelle.Item.Gbx yannex
toileruelle2.Item.Gbx yannex
toit2.Item.Gbx yannex
toit3.Item.Gbx yannex
toit4.Item.Gbx yannex
toit5.Item.Gbx yannex
fixpoteaubois2.Item.Gbx yannex
fixpoteauboisgrue.Item.Gbx yannex
fixtemple1.Item.Gbx yannex
rockcurve.Item.Gbx yannex
tenneur.Item.Gbx yannex
tenneur2.Item.Gbx yannex
finish.Item.Gbx yannex
fix1x2.Item.Gbx yannex
fix1x3.Item.Gbx yannex
fix2-2.Item.Gbx yannex
fix2.Item.Gbx yannex
fixpoteaubois.Item.Gbx yannex
pierre1.Item.Gbx yannex
pierre2.Item.Gbx yannex
troutemple.Item.Gbx yannex
watercircle.Item.Gbx yannex
batton2pourroofhit.Item.Gbx yannex
battonpourroofhit.Item.Gbx yannex
escatheatre2.Item.Gbx yannex
murtheatre.Item.Gbx yannex
murtheatre2.Item.Gbx yannex
pedro.Item.Gbx yannex
pedro2.Item.Gbx yannex
pedro3.Item.Gbx yannex
Grass.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Hill_corner_in.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Hill_corner_out.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Hill_litle.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Hill_wall.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T0-dirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T5-g-corner-out.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T5-g-corner-out2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T7-uneven-g-source2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T7-uneven-g-source3.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T0-water.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T4-d-border2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T4-d-corner-out.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T4-g-corner-in.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T4-g-corner-out.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
T5-g-border2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
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RPG Basics  Morhpeo 109
RPG best  arnono 50
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A RPG map with amazing atmosphere and a seamlessly integrated route, which is going to be played at June 28th at the RPG Nightcup.

Feature time: 21 June 2020 16:06:31-  Ozon
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