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Location: Home  Find Tracks  eyebo.wp's Tracks  The Goldwatch Rewind 
Track information Report track
Name : The Goldwatch Rewind
Author :
Author Time : 00:56.982
Track ID : 183417 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Speedtech / Intermediate
Track Value :  17
Version : 11 February 2020 18:18:29
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 11 February 2020 18:18:29 Map Type : Race
Mood : Day Routes : Single
Length : 1 min Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 7742 Laps : (none)
Emb. Items Size : 0 KB Parser : MX
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:54.980    Hadschin 17 (100%) 12-02-20
 00:56.158    eyebo.wp 16.32 (96%) 13-02-20
 00:56.167   HYPE 15.64 (92%) 13-03-20
 00:56.702   Plaste 14.96 (88%) 13-02-20
 00:57.924    xd.Cinimini 14.28 (84%) 30-08-20
 01:05.498   Goldwatch 13.6 (80%) 20-09-20
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
Recently I volunteered to update all the signs on the 45 maps built by   Goldwatch. They're very popular maps on the Smurfen server, due to their incredible flow. Unfortunately the dead links used in the locators meant the signs no longer worked on most of the maps. I also fixed some flickering here and there, without affecting the route. It even required creating some new custom blocks specifically to fix some of the maps.

In the process I ended up observing closely Goldwatch's building style. I began to see patterns. Types of transitions he used, certain block combinations. A lot of height changes happen in his maps. And when the CanyonPlatformExt item pack was released, he took full advantage of it to create incredible maps like "Qapital". Even his choice of scenery was very different from what I do. Arena red turbos as scenery, pipes to connect signs, trees and terrain on arena blocks, and generally a lot of blockmixing and a lot more industrial elements. Something else he did was use the same terraforming as a base map for multiple maps. It's an interesting idea, and something that is just now gaining popularity, with mappacks like "Base Maps (For Your Tracks)" by   Eternity. He also took full advantage of offroad sections to trigger slides.

All of this triggered in me a desire to create something that would pay homage to the legacy of Goldwatch's maps here on MX. So this is a gift to both Goldwatch, and to the Smurfen community who have come to love his maps so much.

I hope you enjoy playing the map as much as I did creating it!

Some housekeeping...
:done: Map Name by:   PangoLynne
:done: Screenshot by: me (UHD version here)
:done: GPS (driven by me)
 Embedded objects15 Objects
Object Object author
ArenaOpenTop.Item.Gbx eyebo
GPSgold.Item.Gbx eyebo
10-1-1_FullVoid.Block.Gbx eyebo
GPClipRemoverFinishBlock2.Block.Gbx eyebo
CP20M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
CPlatformAreBorFromN0.Item.gbx eyebo
CPlatformAreBorFromN1.Item.gbx eyebo
CPlatformAreBorPlain.Item.gbx eyebo
CPlatformFlatH.Item.gbx eyebo
CPlatformFlatHTransF.Item.gbx xrayjay
CPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx eyebo
CPlatformToFlatN2.Item.gbx eyebo
C-Lamp.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-LWhite.Item.gbx xrayjay
FlatCPwide_eyebo.Item.gbx xrayjay
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Online map rating
Rated 5.00 stars by 1 players.
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