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The 2020 June Update - #pushingmxforward
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The 2020 June Update - #pushingmxforward 29 May 2020 23:50:44  

Dear ManiaExchange community,

today we have another update for you, following the release of the all new custom object page ItemExchange.

To read up on what ItemExchange is, read the release log on IX.

Now, here's the changes that we have prepared for you:

# New Recordsearch
* search for records on MX independent of track or type
* use filters and orders just as you are used to
# User preferences (the cogwheel on top)
* Modify your frontpage boxes (MX Supporter feature)
* Change the view mode to list or back to tiles
* Decide the amount of tracks or mappacks you want to see on the FP
* Select a featured track to be shown in supporter box and profile page
# New Track Features / Showcases
* MX Crew will add HQ maps to be showcased weekly
# ItemExchange integration
* Uploading a track will link its items and blocks to ItemExchange and vice versa
# Implementation of new MP# parser by   Solux
* More reliable object parsing
# New Supporter features
* Modify frontpage the way you like it
* See how many users "playlater'd" your track
# Mappacks
* improved mappack browsing
* smaller fixes
# Others
* Profile: New featured Track box!
* New Top menu sorting


* Mappack sorting
* missing trackinfo on the frontpage
* Visitor favorited you!
- to be continued -

A lot of hours went into updating and maintaining the page. Especially ItemExchange took a lot of manpower and work. If you support the development of ManiaExchange for the greater good, we would love you to be a part of it by supporting us. You get a few nice features in return.

As usual, we wish you happy browsing, mapping and hunting with our site. We hope you like the new stuff we brought!

- The ManiaExchange team
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