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News Archive
2019 User Choice Awards Results! posted by   PangoLynne at 18 Jan, 2020

Results for the 2019 User Choice Awards have been posted
Thank you to everyone who voted, and a big congratulations to all winners.
A full list of winners, as well as an in-depth spreadsheet of results can be found in this forum post
2019 User Choice Awards posted by   PangoLynne at 01 Jan, 2020

Happy 2020 everyone!

With the new year, it's time to reflect on the one just passed.

The 2019 ManiaExchange User Choice Awards have commenced!
Vote for your favourite tracks, builders and players from the year across 29 different categories.
All information about how to vote, a list of categories, and a link to the voting form can be found in THIS FORUM THREAD
Trackmania One Speed Knockout! posted by   PangoLynne at 21 Jul, 2018

This week's MX Knockout on Saturday 11:30 & 21:30 CEST will be played in the TMOne - Speed titlepack for the first time!
Be sure to have the titlepack installed (and updated!) before the KOs. You must own TM Valley in order to play TMOne Speed.

Hope to see you there! :cool:
MTC March 2018 posted by   PangoLynne at 02 Mar, 2018

The MTC March 2018 is now open!
Theme: Multi-Class Racing
Build one track with a single route driveable by 2 vehicles from different environments.

90MC is back again! posted by   PangoLynne at 18 Sep, 2017

After almost 4 months pause, the 90MC is back!
The next edition will be hosted today (Monday, 18th September) at 20.00 CEST

More details can be found here!

Good luck, have fun! (y)
MTC September 2017: Oh 9! posted by   PangoLynne at 01 Sep, 2017

The September ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Oh 9! - You are only allowed to use 9 different block types (start and 1 finish don't count towards the limit).

Find more information here: MTC September 2017: Oh 9!
Find the submission thread here: MTC September 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
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