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 New ManiaPark under development. We need your help!
by  eyebo.wp at 06 Sep, 2022  

Have you been missing ManiaPark/CarPark? We're collaborating with the MP/CP team on building a new website! Read this post for more info.

We're also looking for volunteer web developers to help with development of the sites. Interested? More info here.

The ManiaExchange Monthly Track Contest (MTC) for May 2022 has begun!
In the MTC, your mission is to build a map on a given theme. Later, all the maps are rated and a winner is found.

Theme of the Month: Bird is the Word
Make use of the bird blocks the best way you can!

The ManiaExchange Monthly Track Contest (MTC) for April 2022 has begun!
In the MTC, your mission is to build a map on a given theme. Later, all the maps are rated and a winner is found.

🆕 This month we will test a new voting system, to make the MTCs more fun and get results out quicker!

Theme of the Month: Simple Editor
Build a map using only the Simple Editor.

What a year it was! Thanks everyone for voting. The results are out for the User Choice Awards 2021!
ManiaExchange sites were down for an extended period of time during the weekend of January 8-9, 2022. This blog post explains why.

If you're looking for news about our sites for the older TM games (pre-TM2), check this blog post.

Like taking screenshots? We select new backgrounds every month.
Participate in the Backgrounds Contest for TM2 and TM2020.

Mapping Contests
The BASCO 2021 just concluded. The map is out! Check it out! Thanks to all who participated!

Started 15 years ago, the Monthly Track Contests give you a theme to build on each month:
MTC October 2021 in TM2020. Theme: Simple Editor
MTC October 2021 in TM2. Theme: Out of Your Element - Build a course using vehicles and/or styles you don't often use.
MTC October 2021 in TMNF. Theme: Liquid Trampoline - Tracks with prominent water bouncing

Exercise your speed mapping skills. Build a map in 90 minutes:
90MC will return for another edition in TM2020 on Sunday October 17, 2021 at 17:00 CEST

Online Events
Meetup with fellow Trackmaniacs 5 days/week to play new maps:
TMX Map Discovery Events - Sundays through Thursdays at 22:00 CEST

Compete in Rounds or Laps on a new Lagoon map every week:
MX Lagoon Cup - Fridays at 21:00 CEST

11+ years and going strong... play in the weekly knockouts:
TMX Knockouts in TMUF - Fridays at 22:00 CEST - Join TMX Discord to get reminders and see results.
MX Knockouts in TM2 or TM2020 - Saturdays at 11:30 & 21:30 CEST - Join MX Discord to see the current schedule.

We also regularly need maps for the TMUF KOs (see open pools), TM2020 KOs, TM2 KOs, and MX Lagoon Cups. Build one!

100 maps. 137 mappers. It’s the 10 Years of MX TitlePack, with a look back on the history of Canyon mapping.
OUT NOW in ManiaPlanet! Check the store in-game. More info in this forum thread.

Build an MTC map for the month of September, as we continue to celebrate 10 years of ManiaExchange! More info in the forum post.

Build an MTC map for the month of August, as we celebrate 10 years of ManiaExchange and TM2 Canyon! More info in the forum post.
The MX Crew has made a Statement about ongoing replay investigations over on the MX Blog.
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