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 Raptor Lush

by  Rexasaurus  |  32
AT   00:49.170 |  Valley / ValleyCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  219530 
 24 July 2021 16:00:51
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[WR] 47.972 on Raptor Lush (map by Rexasaurus) EnderTrackmania  EnderTM
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:47.972  EnderTM 32 (100%) 22-09-21
2nd   00:48.672  SioulB JLM 25.6 (80%) 26-07-21
3rd   00:49.087   Larentz 20.8 (65%) 21-09-21
4th   00:49.383  Rexasaurus 17.6 (55%) 28-07-21
5th   00:49.405  noni 14.72 (46%) 22-09-21
6th   00:50.941   eyebo.wp 12.8 (40%) 20-10-21
7th   01:04.150  Mekh 11.2 (35%) 30-07-21
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 Author Comments

Howdy ManiaExchange!

Fun fact time!! :o

Raptor ( rap·​tor, noun ): a usually small-to-medium-sized predatory dinosaur (such as a velociraptor or deinonychus)

Lush ( ləsh, adjective ): growing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage; lavishly productive

This beautiful Valley map combines the predatory instincts of a high speed technical route with both organic scenery and the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you score that perfect run!

Enjoy stomping those times!! :d

- Rex

 Embedded objects33 Objects
Object IX? Object author
PalGoods5.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RoadD2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RoadD3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Sign1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
NBridgeR.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
BarrierLong.Gbx tomhellrider1966
StoneLamp.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Attention.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Left.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Left1.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Right1.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-BigRoadLeft.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-BigRoadLeft.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-BigRoadCP.Item.gbx xrayjay
DangerTraffic.Item.gbx xrayjay
Pole.Item.gbx xrayjay
Rex-09a.Item.Gbx teslaman
Split road S.Item.Gbx teslaman
CliffHoleAlt1.Block.Gbx teslaman
MagnetHighwayBiSlopeEnd.Block.Gbx teslaman
Road4WayNoLights.Block.Gbx teslaman
Road4WayToRoad2WayCorner-NoDeco.Block.Gbx teslaman
RoadToHighwayLeft-NoDeco.Block.Gbx teslaman
VoidHighwayRoad.Block.Gbx teslaman
VoidRoad4ToHighway.Block.Gbx teslaman
Air_Baloon3.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
13.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
14.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
15.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
14.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
15.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
ValleyTerrainRemover.Block.Gbx larentz
MagnetSupport1.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
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