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 TM One: Origins

by  Rexasaurus |  4 |  600992
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 12 May 2021 18:12:10 |  12 May 2021 18:41:26
Howdy folks! :)

Today I present some serious nostalgia! As mappers, we often have a bunch of stuff on the cutting room floor don't we? All those concepts that just didn't work or didn't fit in like we wanted them to? In my case, let's just say it's a giant treasure chest.... :d

For whatever reason, I got the urge to get into TM One after making a BUNCH of TM2020 maps over the past year. I suppose I just wanted some variety! Well, I FOUND IT!! :cool:

UNBITN didn't just remaster the environments - THEY ADDED TO THEM. Can we have a good ole HURRAH for TM One or what?!?!? (l)

In that spirit, I release 4 brand new maps I did up! Technically tho, 3 of these are not entirely new as they were sitting in TMUF gathering dust. The only one I didn't just scrape up and polish was Frost Twist, one I built from the ground up just for TM One Alpine!! :build:

Since MP is getting old these days with the new game out and all, I didn't go as far as to have stuff like intros and outros, but each map does have a GPS and includes my TM2020 logos I did up for those maps courtesy of some cheekily placed Valley signs! (y)

Hope y'all enjoy!

- Rex
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