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Location: Home  Mappacks  TTC Dirt #14 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: TTC Dirt #14
Creator:   Snowman
Managers: (none)
ID: 532 
Created / Edited: 13 February 2020 00:28:30 / 13 February 2020 00:37:52
TP / Environment: TMStadium / Stadium
Type: Competition
Style: Offroad
Tracklist Released: Yes
This is my TTC Dirt Mappack that was played on January 30th, 2020.
Winner was Aziix, who triumphed over Dunste with one round on the final map.
The tracks weren't entirely perfect for TTC, but I had a blast mapping them and was honored to provide something to the TTC competition.
Whether you're here trying to relive the glory day that was January 30th or you just wanna check out my maps, I hope you enjoy ^^
Track List 0 tracks
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