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 2022-07-22 14:09:21 |  2022-07-22 14:15:33
Sunday, 15th April 2328 - APEX HOLO SERIES Finals

»Good morning and welcome to the grand CALESSA racing festival. The day everyone's been waiting for has come - three races are waiting for you in the HOLO SERIES alone today and the APEX YOLO SERIES stops off on "Panorama Road". This evening we'll witness the 25th and therefore last race of this years' HOLO SERIES season - once again hosted by the GALAXIS Racing Team here on Calessa. Let's get this party on the road!«

- Maximillion de Vries, IRF Race Steward -


Hey and hello. Xeno here.

Short OOC explanation: This collection contains at the moment four tracks built on the exact same map. Exact same map means in this context: Everything you can move by using a reasonable amount of force can be placed freely (mostly items). Everything else (except Start-Blocks for obvious reasons) should stay exact the same for all maps.

Why should someone do something like that?

Well, first because I wanted to try how many drivable tracks one can build into the same map without the tracks interfering each other too much. And second, because I like concept maps representing a part of a greater whole.

This time I had something similar to the "F-ZERO" games in mind: Multiple race tracks on the same location combined with a bit of background story / lore to discover (currently only in form of map descriptions on MX, but a fifth "exploration"-styled map is planned). If you've played a F-ZERO game in the past you'll probably have a bit of an idea what the overall setting may look like - if not: The text above this author comments will give you a little kickstart ;)

But once again I have to apologize for what I've done: Those tracks in here have a lot of decoration and as an indirect result of that A LOT OF WATER PLANES - and water planes are like kryptonite for frames per second (even in 2022). That means you should have a PC ranking on the upper part of TM²'s hardware requirements for a at least somewhat smooth racing experience. Testing was done on a RTX 2070 (55 - 60 FPS) and maps were built on a RX 6700XT (93 - 144 FPS).

TL;DR: Don't play this on a CPU-integrated graphic accelerator. Seriously.

Signpack: CALESSA by xenomorphis


  • LeBrock - All Or Nothing [used on: Grand Chamionship]
  • Coldplay x BTS - My Universe [used on: Old Reservoir]
  • Chris Huelsbeck - Gem-X (Mitch van Hayden Remix) [used on: Dusty Boardwalk]
  • Spiral - Outrun 2k12 [used on: Panorama Road]

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